Here are some examples of my sound editing and mixing work. All clips are from the Hooked on History podcast.

These are some pharmaceutical adverts I produced in a 1950s style. The dialogue was taken from actual adverts printed in the British Medical Journal. I sourced music from the period which is out of copyright to complete the aesthetic. For the tobacco ad, in particular, I equalised and compressed the voice to get a radio promo sound.

In this clip covering the use of electroshock therapy, I edited in a scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in discourse with the voice over to seamlessly provide a popular reference for the audience to relate to.

Here is an episode intro. It offers an example of inserting background music/ambient noise as well as how mixing a quote slightly differently from the rest of the voice over can help differentiate it.

This clip demonstrates mixing multiple channels and the introduction of music when it is the main subject presented.